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Insuficiant funds..?


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Hi. Please help. 

I just joined Unibet, so that I could bet on Game Of Thrones. I wanted to bet 200 DKK, so obviously I cashed in 200. Incidently I received a 200 bonus, so I have 400 now. I would still just like bet for 200 on GOT. But it tells me I don't have enough money..!?

What the hell is going on? 

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@Walther, when using a bonus for sports bets, the bets have to be settled prior to the bonus expiring. The GOT bets are relatively long-term bets - settled when last episode has been aired - so you can't use the bonus for these.

You original deposit is locked to the bonus, so that can't be used either.

You got two options:

1. Cancel the bonus and bet the deposit of 200

2. Wager the bonus now on other things and bet with whatever balance you have left once that's over

In your case you should probably go with option 1. You can contact support on chat and ask them to cancel the bonus. If you've got a pending offer on your account, you can also just activate that yourself, as that'll cancel the existing bonus.

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