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Fast tables?


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Hi. Since I am new here, this topic might have been discussed before. I just cannot find anything. 
There are a lot of people using up ALL their  time on the simplest of tasks at the tables. Not one or two times, but all the time. How hard can it be to fold a hand before the flop? Now, I understand that one are alloved to use the time given to you, but it is very annoying.

So why not have fast tables? It might be so allready, but I cannot find them. Please guide me.  

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@wwaanneess wrote:

Hi and welcome 

No zoom on Unibet as it attracts regs and makes recs bust their account quicker. 

At least that's why i think there's no fast format on Unibet. 


Fast tables don't have to mean zoom, just less time to act.

I've been an advocate of shorter time to act on Unibet for a while as I've seen (and have done so myself) people abusing the 20 seconds per decision AND the ridiculous decision in MTTs to give 10 seconds every hand.  

I actually think for heads up it is completely the wrong way around.  At the moment it's 20 per decision with 10 second timebank leaving me pretty much no time to make a tough river call/fold.  15 seconds with a 30 second timebank would be much better.  The whole concept of the timebank is for the tough decisions which is why giving a new one every single hand in MTTs is so crazy, nobody has a tough decision every single hand.  MTT time banks should be increased by something like 5-10 seconds per level starting at level 6 or 8.  

Just for reference if I get a 1.5x hexapro and I can't be bothered with the first couple of levels I will use 20 seconds on every street which means we will see 1 or 2 hands before 20/40 and 25/50 at which point I pick up a load of dead money when I shove and it gets through.  I do it because I can but I still think it should be changed.

In heads up, a weaker player will benefit from timing down every decision and letting the blinds increase.  This could be easily changed by reducing the time to act.

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