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Problems during the football game Union Saint-Gilloise - KRC Genk


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don't know if many others had this problem, but somewhere in the 2th half of the game something went wrong and all the buttons got disabled for the rest of the game.

Screens of this are below.

The second KRC Genk goal got scored in the 76, but in the first screen it's still 2-1 after 84'.

In the second screen the goal got shown as scored in the 84'.

And in the third the goal was eventually correctly shown as scored in the 76'.

So, there was clearly something wrong there which probably also made the buttons disabled the whole time.

I had a cornet bet(coupon-id 1701766580) placed and because of all this, I couldn"t cash out because the buttons got disabled the whole time.

I find this a bit unfair. So my question is if it is possible to get my initial bet back because there clearly went something wrong.

Can somebody have a look at this?






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