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Daily Picks - 28/07/16


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Hey Community,

This is the last one of my betting with short analysis-series. I've picked hardly perdictable matches to improve my pregame betting skills. The result is 2-2 and it's time to broke all my dreams. Let's go!

Monfils G. - Goffin D. (ATP Toronto - last 16)

Toronto, hardcourt, 29°C, risk of a thunderstorm. This match seems like a real coinflip (ATP 14th ranked Monfils vs. 1st ranked Goffin). The battle of the passionate (Monfils) vs. stabile baseline (Goffin)  gameplay. I told you it's not an easy game.

Why Monfils?

  1. His form is absolutely hot. He won the last stage of the ATP tour (Washington which was a hardcourt event as well), and crushed his previous 2 opponents in Toronto in 2 sets. No question he is the man!
  2. His personality and gaming style: lob, dropshot or something similar? Monfils knows how wo win the flavor of the crowd what can help him to win the match in taut situation.
  3. The experience: he knows the conditions, the place, the court better than Goffin, because the belgian won the first match with bye and Querrwy gave up the second match against him.

Why Goffin?

  1. Goffin's last close game was in Wimbledon, in Toronto he was the Lucky son (bye and the give up of Querry). He is mentally and physically fit and ready for the battle against the heat and the time.
  2. The strong baseline game. In the previous matches Monfils faced with lot of great servers and played a relative quick points. Goffin's style is different. He is very strong in baseline shots and he is ready to play it as long as it necessary.
  3. The ability to keep the ball in play and the strong receiver game. As in the NFL: everybody has good service games but the receiver games decide.

My tip is over 22,5 game for 1,82. Cheers and you are welcome to share your daily picks here too.

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Over 22.5 games seems like the safe bet. Monfils gael has been extremely hot, & David Goffin is an extremely talented player. I still see Goffin winning this in straight sets. I predict Goffin 7-6, 6-4.

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