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Won a bet but according to unibet I lost


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It clearly states INCLUDING OT and Penalties.  Therefore Portland won.  Happened 45 min ago.  Checked other sites, and Portland won after penalties. And Unibet did not pay out.  This site is a nightmare to get in touch with somebody from Unibet.  


Team that will qualify , including OT and penalties, Portland Timbers  Coupon-id 1647764774

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thanks, have another one: 

 18 dec. 2018 00:08:20 Live LOST ? Lijn San Lorenzo De Almagro -20 

  • There were only 18 points difference so how come this is a loss?  Minus handicap 20, they won with 2 points 
  • San Lorenzo De Almagro - Quilmes

btw, this is basketball...


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@Edemszkijjj wrote:

Hello. I have a problem too. I bet on shaktar-lyon match first to get 6 corners. Lyon has the sixth corner in last minute but there was no time to deliver it. The Referee whistles... Why not wins my bet??

Hi @Edemszkijjj , 

Unibet counts the throw-in, goal kick, corner ,  not when the ball crosses the line, but when the players starts the action resulted from whatever it was. So , Unibet settles the bets to the minute when the player kicks the ball ( when he actualy "activates" the corner kick).

If Lyon had a corner kick in the last seconds of the match , but the referre decided to stop the match and not allow the corner kick to go ahead , it will not be counted as a valid one , unofrtuantely for you.

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