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does Unibet plan to add Muay Thai event's in Asia like LION ...i know from time to time we can bet on glory kickboxing !!

but there's huge # of combat sports event's not covered..and very popular...with top level guys!!

just wondering it would be great ! @RayL

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@Purps wrote:

MTV ( the one that once played music videos ) is starting to show Bellator. I don't follow MMA at all, so I'm not sure what that is all about and how good or popular the Bellator is, but now you know...

actually UFC just book a 1,5 billions $ deal with espn...that mean the next step of the ufc is mainstream ..full coverage like major sports does football,soccer,baseball,hockey ect

kickboxing and muay thai is popular in asia...and their stars are like superstars in this part of the world ..as far as i know ! 

i know that bellator is owned by viacom , if they want they push their brand inter-galactical loll ist possible for them, viacom apparently a very wealthy company...but they rather take their spot in market as it is ..and compete with ufc ...who's knows why 

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