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I don't recieve my winning bets.


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I choosed to cash out my bet at the score 1-1 at the match between Eibar-Real Sociedad. I then Get the medsage to aporove the odds has increased, i accept this ofcourse snd then its hanging for several minutes before Eibar scores and its my coupon is marked as lost. Its just 100kr i was betting but this is hustling your clients and not acceptable. Can you please review the log here and provide me with your details? You can’t buy time buy increasing the odds and then let it pend for several minutes and then there is a goal and i loose. This was not seconds, but minutes. It can not be allowed.

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@Jazzyjeff2cool and @_Ocean_, welcome to the Community guys :)

As a general request on our side in order to be able to investigate any bet, we require the Coupon ID or a screenshot of the bet in question, that way we can sent it to our Sports traders to be analyzed and they can advise us on what exactly happened.

@_Ocean_, whenever the odds change there is indeed a prompt on the player's side. You will need to accept those changes in order for the Action to go through, now that said it is indeed strange that the bet will hang in pending.

Based on a Coupon Id I will be able to investigate an eventual error. Is it 1553947887 by any chance?

Let us know and we will happily look into it ASAP.






Former Community Moderator
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