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After i lost connection


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I play almost every day. Yesterday before 6 in the afternon i have a bonus-game. You need to have 5 comets and i got 8 or 9 so that is mutch and a good chanse to win. I was logged out and after many time i tried i ce in again but i never have that bonusgame? 

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Hi @Magnus11130, welcome to the Community :)
I was able to find one spin which seemed a bit peculiar at 16:40. 
The reason I say it's strange that as seen in the screenshot below, the initial spin which triggered the Bonus round was made at 16:40 but the payout of the Bonus Feature happened an hour and a half later at 18:10 which does indicate a disconnection. As we can see the round ID of the spin and the Bonus round are identical so we are definitely talking about the same thing here.

I've also checked the log out times and it checkes out, there seems to be a logout and a re connection 5 minutes later. I've forwarded this disconnection to our provider to have a look at their logs and advise us if the disconnection was indeed initiated on our side or if it was terminated on your end. It wouldn't be ideal if players get disconnected when a Bonus Round is about to start. As long as the actual Bonus Round goes, it seems to have played out as soon as you restarted your spins on Journey to Mars at 18:10 PM with a winning of 33 SEK. I'll attach the complete round as recorded on our side below.
Thank you for contacting us regarding this and do let us know if there are still doubts regarding this on your end, I'll do my best to clarify :)







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