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Paying out bets 'in advance'


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Does anyone know why bets such as:

"Best country in Africa (World Cup)" has a completion date on the 15th of July (that part makes sense obv.) but can't be payed out when it's theoretically done? Or is there any way of getting it settled?

Seems counterproductive to 'keep' players' money longer than necessary.


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Hi @Angellike , I'll have to double check on that possibility, I know that we base our settlements on official sources and in some cases (like this one) even though the winner is obvious the official info needs to be released in order to settle the bets. Take the US elections for example, even though Trump was elected and in the White House I think there was one or two states that were still pending to release information or something on these lines.

The bets remained unsettled until all the information was unanimous.



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