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New chief product officer


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Not a written screenplay or anything. Great movie 👍
May I do a written, proper interview sometimes, when sober? 😀
Imo that could include some relevant questions like, what is your own relationship with games and gambling, studies and lifetime hobbies/involment at games in casino, etc.. you know, suitability n' stuff :laugh:
Oh and how would you describe, in your own words, how you see the company philosophy "by players, for players"?


Sry if these sounds too improper, it's defo not in my interests to push tough questions for anyone, but I'd really like to know, how can there be such games around like https://fi.unibet.com/casino/mad-mad-monkey-nyx-1.888981 `? :Wow:
Anyway, everything good to the future! 👍:Cool:

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@testuser1 wrote:

Congratz to @Fredrik-Unibet with the new position as chief product officer! Well deserved and nice to have a person so high up the hierarchy here on the community :)


Well thanks a lot @testuser1! Excited about the opportunity as well as hanging out here on the Community ;)

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Yeah, agreed 😏 Only 1litre jägermeister down in past 17 hours..
But there will be heavy criticism about your game choices in the future too, you can trust it :laugh: No offense.
Used to lie and create all kind of bs stories to others, because of business and firms future, burned out to that sht. #neveragain

But yea, everything good to you, keep the boat rockin' 🆒

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Thank you!

Sadly the BTG games are not allowed for Canadian citizens and I doubt that would change anytime soon.

For customers who do have access to the content I can mention that we recently launched a pimped version of one of their older games (Temple Quest) that is pretty cool - Temple Quest Spinfinity.

Cheers, Fredrik

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