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Please DO NOT send me a message in the community or on twitch asking for the ladies freeroll passwords. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up to facebook and then use the search bar to search for Ladies at Unibet Poker. That is the only way you will be able to get the password. Daiva will add you to the Facebook page if you are female. Please do not try and make a fake profile as you will be found out. Thanks 

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Password please!

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We're gonna win on so many levels! We're gonna win, win, win. You're gonna get so tired of winning, you're gonna say: "Mr. President please, we don't wanna win anymore, it's too much!" And I'm gonna say: "I'm sorry, we're gonna keep winning because we're gonna make America great again!"
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Hello, may be you can explain what a reason that I can't join the facebook community. I tried to join and I was surprised that it was unsuccessfully.  I suspect that I was even blocked. 

Hi Leto, thank you for your message and sorry to hear you were unable to join the group :( Can you please send me your full facebok name in a prvate message and I will get this sorted. Daiva x

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