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Introducing myself:)


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hi I am Yves Collins my poker friends call me the wall 

i love poker been trying the online world got a ruff start but still trying 

i play on a other poker site and I like Unibet so far I’ve never made a $ deposit so can’t say too much about anything koz I am a beginners 

cant wait to see more happy holidays to all good luck at the table 

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It’s a long story but here some 

when i wa young I use to watch my parents play poker a the age 4 

i could play already, beating my school friend at anything (cards game)

then ive join hockey’s age 9 and waz in a tournament whit 5 Yves on the bench whit a red jersey whit #11 the coach nicknamed me Walter old hockey player from the Montreal Canadian , (Walter) staid my nickname fore years ,the I got into construction got really good at it winning the fastest wall builder challenge at 19 years old , that’s wen my hommy started calling me (the Waller)

My poker buddy’s still think I am a wall 

at poker lol 

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