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Xizted's PGL major tips


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I unfortunately missed most yesterdays matches so i couldn't write anything here but today i will be able to watch all the matches so i felt like i should give you guys some tips for your esports betting needs.

FaZe VS Flipsid3, rounds over 26.5 @ 2.05

I feel like people are not giving Flipsid3 enough credit after their two narrow losses to top level teams, FaZe has also played pretty poorly so i feel like the match is going to be really close and most probably going to take over 26.5 rounds

Mousesports VS North, rounds under 26.5 @ 1.9 

Both of these teams have been a bit inconsistent in their matches and i feel like one of the teams will run away with the game and the game will probably end with something like 16-9 scoreline, in under 26.5 rounds.

Gambit VS Virtus Pro, Gambit @2.1

Its easy to discredit gambits wins by saying that their opponents played poorly but they deserved both of their wins and i feel like they have the potential to win, even against the hot VP on home soil, especially if the map veto favours them so this is the match i would make a live bet on after the map has been decided if gambit manages to get a good map.

I will be updating this thread with more predictions when i feel like it.


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FaZe VS Flipsid3: It's like a double edged sword from my point of view, FaZe are an emotional team so they need to work on tilt management #ripskins, Flipsid3 i didn't expect them to win anything but i'm glad for them.


Mousesports VS North: I'm leaning on Mousesports to win, they seem more hungry for the win than North, it's a flip with mouse having 55% and north 45%


Gambit VS Virtus Pro: I like both teams but i'll go with VP because they are more than a team #family


In the end i don't care to an extent who wins if its a great game to watch.

Good luck and have fun to all the teams and people who watch and bet, may we all have a wonderful day xoxoxo.

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Thanks for posting Esport tips @xizted and @FreedoM
I mostly bet on CS:GO games, they're quick and if you fail you get lots of chances to win back the losses.
Today's game between Natus Vincere - Fnatic seems hard to predict, will probably bet a few rounds and hope for the best.


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Gambit vs Fnatic: I see Gambit winning in BO3, i think they are a more balanced team than fnatic, fnatic is just run and gun and if they have a bad day they just crumble, so yeah i'll pick gambit to win 80% and fanatic 20%.


Astralis vs SK: I really dont know its like a flip in BO3, astralis 45% and sk 55%.


BIG vs Immortals: As crazy as it sounds i think big will finish on top in BO3, BIG 65% vs Immortals 35%.


North vs. Virtus.pro: I think VP will show up and PLOW their way through North in a quick 0-2, North 15% vs VP 85%.


What do you think ? @PokerAndBetting


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I havent been able to watch the games or write about them for a couple days but now that i have the chance, here are a couple picks for the quarterfinals:

Gambit VS Fnatic, Gambit @1.85

I feel like the maps favor gambit in this match and even though they have less experience, i would put my money on gambit

Astralis VS SK gaming, Astralis @2.3

I feel like astralis will take the match, atleast if they dont fail the veto horribly. SK has been on fire lately but the loss to big showed that they arent immortal (pun intended). Even though SK won the matchup earlier against astralis, i feel like astralis will take the match home.

BIG VS Immortals, BiG @1.95

Do i have to say anything else than that BIG went 3-0 by beating the worlds #1, #2 and #5 teams and immortals went 3-2 by barely beating some mediocre teams?

Big have also shown that they are a fantastic tactic based team that should have no problem beating the brazilian samba cs playing immortals.

North VS Virtus Pro, Virtus Pro @1.9

Virtus Pro is known for stepping up when it matters, especially in majors. Last time they were in this position, playing in a major in front of their home crowd after a bit wonky group stage they took the trophy home. I just havent seen the class in north and im not sure if they can stop the virtus plow from winning.

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@PokerAndBetting I think Immortals got lucky on train they won like 5-6 force buy's which is stupid O.o #feelsbadman for BIG they played fenomenal, all in all was a sick BO3 to watch.


Gambit vs Astralis: I'm gonna go in favour of Gamit, i know it sounds crazy after astralis beat sk, but gambit have the perfect style to shut astralis down, Gambit 2-0 Astralis.


Immortals vs Virtus.pro: Let's be real Immortals lucked out past BIG, so i assume VP saw the matches and will have the perfect tactics to plow them, Immortals 0-2 Virtus.pro.

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