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  1. @Livertool as for me(small bankroll, less than 50euro rake per month), I like monthly missions, and that's a key reason why I like playing at Unibet. If they remove monthly missions, I think I'll try to find another place for playing poker. It'd be a pity, I like Unibet
  2. Hi! I have a €500 Betting Freeroll token with the exp. date of 31st DEC(today). It is about 15-30 PM GMT now, but the token has already expired(see screenshot). I don't ask to re-issue it(i have another one), but please explain to me how come the token has expired before the expiration date?
  3. I remembered why I didn't use it. I used this token for registration in E81 UOS tournament on 5th DEC, but the tournament was cancelled. Mt ticket was returned back to my account and of course, immediately expired
  4. Hi! The point is, I forgot to use my 5euro MTT ticket yesterday, actually, was sure that the exp. date is today, but it expired yesterday. Is there any possibility to re-add\re-issue it? @Jeppe-Unibet , @ReCorpH
  5. I've never seen Four of a kind before, thanks for the clarification!=)
  6. Can someone please tell me what’s going on here? @Ray-Unibet @ReCorpH
  7. Tokens are NOT credited.I've completed 1 & 2 missions and didn't get any rewards.
  8. Looks like It doesn't make sense more to throughout Unibet missions. Rewards are useless. And sooner or later, the prizes in both Missions freerolls will be in Unibet open tokens.
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