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  1. This is Slot REALITY Be warned players and be careful Most players will get shafted and shafted without any lube They are a JOKE
  2. @LFCJJ Sooo when people are doing thousands of spins and getting nothing in return that's just bad luck ? or the RTP ? Or when people do get a bonus after thousands of spins and it pays jack that's just bad luck or again RTP ? Nothing to do with greedy casinos fleecing players and chucking ''most of them'' back a few crumbs ? What I want is just a bit of fairness with my money, please don't insult me with all the RTP BS talk as I've been round the block a few times I'll give anyone that cares to read this some free solid advice ........................99% of the time whatever the site you are on the Slots are a joke, they are a golden goose to the casinos, play them and you will lose, should you persist in uploading hundreds or thousands of pounds or euros in search of that bonus chances are it will pay a very low disappointing amount. Big Wins are EXTREMELY UNIQUE and most streamers are nothing more than Pimps for the Casinos playing with fake cash, those big weekly wins you see them cashing out are part of the fantasy to lure you in or sign up. So don't BS me with the RTP talk or good luck and bad luck because the truth and REALITY of slots is they are a joke and take the utter piss out most people that decide to play them. Tell people like Stacey about RTP and hard luck And I know a lot of people personally that have uploaded thousands and got FCUK ALL in return https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-56675466?at_medium=custom7&at_custom2=twitter&at_custom1=%5Bpost+type%5D&at_custom4=7F0EB758-9ABC-11EB-B2D4-ACF239982C1E&at_campaign=64&at_custom3=%40BBCNews
  3. You people are all very lucky but from my experience most folk only paint half the picture Such decent wins are super rare and very rarely will people disclose what they cost, us gamblers also have very selective forgetful memories and when we do get a decent return we pretty much instantly choose to forget all those cash uploads We're often dazzled or attracted to certain words or images that those promotional wizards have used as a form of bait just the same if not better than those crafty fast food joints or supermarkets but that area is nice looking food. Words like WIN or FREE and GIVEAWAY and that special words that we all know so well - JACKPOT and BONUS My own experience so far with Unibet in regards to playing slots has been poor, I can't think of a single win on a certain slot that's paid over £200 Again Unibet are not the worst, I think I played Bonanza over almost two days on various stakes on Betunfair and from me counting it seriously took over 3000 spins before it bonused, then it paid £128 on a £1 stake Enjoy those big wins players for they in my eyes are very unique
  4. Played a few games and still yet to pass the £200 win marker yet we all see affiliate streamers win thousands All these super successful slot playing affiliates appearing to cash out at the end of each live stream And strangley enough all of them in bed with a casino You and Me play and those same games just don't seem to play like they did when that streamer was playing, we're hundreds of spins in and nothing, or when you and me get the bonus it hasn't even paid enough to get us a happy meal, but when the casino affilate streamer cashed out he bought a new house lol. Give things more thought players - PLEASE give things more thought.
  5. Thanks for the education on the word Volatility but I aint no teenager, look at things from your own balcony but £61 from a £9 stake is just a piss take. I don't look at slots as being some kind of cash cows and I understand all the risks in any form of gambling, I have been gambling since about 1977 so no stranger to losing money, ANY game that pays such a low bonus on a decent stake I feel is worth highlighting and maybe it could give other potential players more thinking time before they waste cash on a game that just isn't worth playing. Again I wasn't expecting the moon on a stick and still gamble what I can afford and I always expect to lose what is uploaded, I just prefer to notify others of the other side of the coin as most of these games are advertised in a glamourous way along with casino affiliate streamers all winning thousands on a regular basis, my real money gameplay is very different. I stick by my views and opinions that ANY game that pays SO LOW on such a stake as £9 per spin should be highlighted to others that maybe don't know the risks or are as clued up as you. People should also never be taken in by these streamers who win big on a regular basis as nobody playing with real money will ever get near the winning figures they hit on live streams, in my opinion those people are playing a very dangerous game with impressionable viewers. I do know the risks BUT i was still a bit disappointed at the games bonus but unlike other people on various gambling forums who give the impression they never lose by uploading images of their latest big win I show and post BOTH sides of the coin.
  6. If Unibets RTP is as good as you say then why is this forum filled with so many complaints ? I've also read countless complaints about Unibet on other forums and I've added my own, in all the games I've played here on Unibet on various stakes from as little as 20p up to a max of £9 - I've yet to be awarded a bonus of over £200 Weak paying bonuses simply drive custom away, I know I'll not be playing any slot on Unibet anytime soon The bonuses in simple terms are a joke
  7. Calling that a bonus is an insult to any slot playing gambler It's a total piss take and Unibet has lost me until further notice
  8. They have too much to lose by cheating Those honest casinos
  9. NO NO Your eyes are just fine You might even have to play it a few times, even use the You Tube settings and slow it down a few frames Surely not?
  10. Just wanted to highlight that when anyone is playing a slot or even some table games to remind people to grab that screenshot if something was that bad, better still record it and upload. I've witnessed some crazy supernatural ball activity on roulette over the years where the ball is clearly possessed, Example - In one spin the ball will bounce out it's section with so much aggression it was like something out of Harry Potter, but then strangely a few more spins later the ball goes into it's section with the exact same speed but this time the rear of the section has been covered in Superglue. Maybe these tables are haunted and lets face it us gamblers don't have much of a voice, the second we start talking or discussing that we lost money on roulette not many people care to listen, NO WAY the casino would risk losing their licence over in Malta or Gibraltar and they have no need to cheat plus plenty people would have won on that spin, yes that is very true but what none of us do know is what the house took or what they stood to lose. I do love a game now and then of roulette but it's a game that I look at very closely and if that ball starts behaving very weirdly it's not my eyes that's playing tricks on me because a ball simply doesn't act like that, if a ball bounces out it's section in one spin then it should be pretty much doing the very same in other future spins. The Internet can be a very powerful place and they say the camera never lies, so please if you must have a gamble on the tables or on the slots, please record things and share them with others, if that slot bonus wasn't fit to be called a bonus then grab a screenshot and give those people that are considering having a gamble a little bit of reality on just how bad things can be, hell you never know, one day these casinos might just work things out and fling us back a few more sardines now and again and keep us from walking away. Remember - Screenshot or record!
  11. The highest RTP ? Are you sure ? I always feel rock solid evidence is the best for people to see, then judge or decide for themselves, online forums I feel are the best places to reach the people that matter, so far Unibet have been shocking. So far I've yet to pass the £200 mark on various stakes Even yesterday - 10th April playing Dead or Alive 2 on £9 stake, bonus paid £61 even after I was £400 into the game I don't think you'l find a single gambler that will say ..................That bonus was ok I have various other images but Id much rather they done the talking at the start of 2022
  12. Many people on various forums only post the big wins, or as I call it - all the sexy cherry picked glamour I prefer to post the full picture apologies on the QTY of picture On £9 stake the game pays £61 WOW! They really know how to keep people playing, utter piss takers Be carful people, be very careful
  13. As a man in his 50's and a massive lifelong racing fan I only have two words for yesterday when I seen Unibets msg DUMB FECKS! Whoever made the call to have work done on such a day should have his or her backside kicked right back to making the Tea, has to go down as one of the stupidest things of any gambling site I have ever seen. I came to this site with a NEW posative gambling outlook but it hasn't lasted, even today when attempting to place a £400 bet in the 14:05 at Southwell the msg says max bet of £200 I often wonder HOW these people on TV etc etc etc get on large amounts when at almost every corner I get restricted in some way, what are they customers doing right that I'm doing wrong ? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fill me in with the magic formula / code I mean my account with the so called magic sign Ladbrokes was retricted waaaay down to as little as £3.67p after one good week from SEVEN BAD YEARS and then the Magic sign don't want to know. Similur story with Bet365 - This game with some of you boys is nothing short of a joke, but that maintence msg yesterday was QTY, Racings biggest day of the week and some plums doing maintence, great stuff Unibet.
  14. Could not agree more my friend, I'm not a big slot player but do like a dabble from time to time and lets face it we can't win the lotto if we don't buy a ticket. I tend to land on a slot and then just grind some time away purely on that one sole slot and stake can be anything from 20p maybe up to around my max of say £5 Again I'm no expert but I'm also no stranger to these games be that old or new and I do tend to have a good look at watching others play online ''You Tube'' etc along with some of the affiliated commercial streamers, now I don't want to pull out my big hammer here on my first post and bash away at Unibet but like the OP I too have looked into Unibets RTP and it's poor, I started playing Bonanza last week and it did appear to be keeping me interested and I landed a few bonuses but the payout was just ridiculous. If Unbet along with all other bookmakers & Casinos can't workout that us punters need oiling up now and again and I'm not talking about pointless bonus awards then yes we do stop and move on, I'll happily upload below just two images from my game play on Bonanza ''BTG'' and Unibet can ask themselves if as a player would I be happy with the awards from both bonuses or not, these amounts DO NOT KEEP PUNTERS loyal and it might be in Unibets best interest having a very good think about what might be best when playing the long game with it's customers in regards to what I see is Game RTP that makes me be on my toes quick sharp style. First Bonus paid just 67p from a 20p stake begs the question, why bother even bonusing as the return is simply shocking and the name BONUS defies me. Today ''Sunday'' 17th Jan on £4 stake it pays £128 - 32X directly after the bonus was complete I withdrew my balance and will not be feeding any slots on Unibets site for a very long time, if even ever again. I'll depart with a little free tip - Give us punters a little more interest, that might just pay YOU over the long game. I'll also be putting how things panned out on a few other sites in a vain determined WARNING to others that heaven forbid are even slightly considering uploading funds and having a go on the slots under Unibets roof.
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