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  1. Hello, are all the mtts today in UOS side events with no points or is it a mistake? Thanks
  2. Hello, I won a 33€ ticket for IPO but didn’t realise that day 2 is played live. Can I exchange it for something else? Maybe uos tickets? Thank you!
  3. Maybe move up either the 10€ or 5€ Sputnik? Structure looks good and you don’t have a progressive blinds mtt in that time frame. Might get more players as well
  4. Hello, here's my feedback for UOS 11 (pretty similar to previous ones I gave for other UOS): 1. I understand that for the R/A mtts you need a faster structure in order to hit big gts but I dislike the Galaxy structure. For some mtts you made it 4k/8k but on extra level of LR so similar thing. I think you need a shallow-ish stack pre addon to boost the GTD with rebuys but maybe make the addon bigger an go from 8 to 10 mins post-addon. 2. I miss the progressive blind mtts. In the last UOS we had fewer than ever but the structure was really good for the 2nd part of the day and I remember that they never overlayed in previous series. 3. 3 weeks is too long. 4. Maybe finish on a monday? you'll still have day 2s from the last sunday of the series. Create something like wrap-ul day. Maybe lower gts or it doesn't count towards the leaderboard but it would be nice to play something along the day 2s. 5. bubble buster freerol: wierd thing happened. only about 40% of the players actually played the mtt so a lot of ticktes went to waste.
  5. TruDat

    UOS 2021

    Hello, I saw that you loaded the mtts in the client but can we get the excel file with the details of the mtts like last year? Helps with planning the series. Thanks
  6. Hello, I had 2 25e tickets and won a sat for Ice Giant yesterday. When I reged the MTT it took out one of the 25e tickets instead of the Ice G one. I was planning on keeping the tickets for UOS 10. Could you please exchange the Ice Giant ticket I have in my account for a generic 25e one? Thanks
  7. hello, can I get my results from March 1st until May 18th. thanks
  8. Hello, since Unibet is getting so many players now and the gtds are increasing, is there any change of an online series? Something similar to UOS or even smaller but it could be one of the biggest on Unibet. Just a thought.
  9. TruDat

    UOS 7

    Can we get the schedule in excel format please? Thanks
  10. can i get my result for 2019 please? also, at the end of the year I closed my uk account since I moved in another county and most of the year I've been playing on the other one. is there a chance I can get that too? thanks
  11. thanks, the only filter I had on was to hide Unibet Open, didn't think to take that off but that was it, somehow it's under Unibet Open
  12. Is the satellite up? Can't seem to find it in the lobby. @Leo-Unibet
  13. Are there any daily mtts or the ones on Sunday that will be removed during the series? I want to plan the schedule that I'll play and it would help a lot to know if you're removing any. Thanks
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