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  1. Capping MTT's is kinda of silly imo. Something I would play more personally ( but Im not sure if its the answer) if you would make it a 2/3/4 table SNG. But I am afraid there is no traffic for that. But maybe a good promotion can get that kickstarted, but you guys are the experts in that I suppose. There is just no money in these 5 player things to appeal to people.
  2. Don't make them faster, everything has to be fast nowadays. Most of the time I dont have time to go sit dedicated for 3+ hours for tournaments, so these are excellent for that. Only big (huge?) oversight is that they dont have synched breaks with tournaments. This has an extremely adverse effect in my opinion. I can only speak for personal experience, but when I have only 2 tournaments left that do not seem to be going broke any time soon. adding some of these sitngo's would be the obvious choice for me. But now I do not want to because they would force me to sit out if I want to use my break time for, you know, an actual break. As a big multitable sng grinder back in the day it hurts me seeing SNG die though. Now tournaments have become the new SnG I guess with such small fields. Hexapro is nice to grind but lacks depth because of the shallow stack sizes of course.
  3. I am from Netherlands, so I dont think I get BP(=bonus points?)
  4. Is there any way to exchange the tickets for tickets usable in all tournaments? I have no interest in going to the live tournament, but I get these satellite tickets with the promotions. Are they essentially useless for me then?
  5. Hello, can you elaborate on this: Remember to play with your community alias Does that mean my screenname in the poker client must match my forumname, is that correct?
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