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34070571813_2d1591a18a_o.thumb.jpg.f65a3a6926a68c576e12d33e3f895a5d.jpg Day 1A of the UnibetOpen Copenhagen is finally underway with 167 runners so far. 

With the last event in London being a huge success, that number is expected to soar, as Day 1B is already sold out.1684471199_WhatsAppImage2017-05-25at12_26.41(1).thumb.jpeg.91abccb083bd849ac92e23fd5163e7c8.jpegTournament Directo34038801344_4a4f894957_o.thumb.jpg.a844b0f78a85696d44b196ddd4a40cd9.jpgr Kenny Hallaert called the shuffle up and deal at 12pm local time as the festival got underway.

We are in to the first hour of the event and there a number of notable names present, including Twitch streamer and Unibet Ambassador, David Lappin. 

The players in todays Day 1 have started with 30,000 in chips. Blinds started at 50/100 but are now currently 100/200 with a 25 ante. 

 Late registration is open until the end of level 6 which will be around 7pm, so there's still time to enter.

We have alread lost one player, but for regular updates on interesting hands, notable names and so on, be sure to tune into this thread as well following Unibet on social media.




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David Lappin put in spot in early stages

Unibet Ambassaor David Lappin hard a tough start in today's Day 1A.

In one of the very first hands, he found himself fighting for a very interesting pot against Frenchman Fran Gardasani.

From middle position, David raises with 6 7 to 275. The cut off flats the raise and the big blind also comes along. 

Flop comes down: 7 3 2

The bb checks, as does David. The CO bets 600. Bb folds, David calls.

Turn: K Board reads: 7 3 2♥ K

David then check-calls a bet of 1100 on the turn, to make it roughly a 4400 chip pot.

The river comes an 8making the board: 73 2 K 8♣.

Fran then makes a polarising bet of 4400, which is exactly a pot sized bet.

David goes into the tank and eventually finds a hero call. 

Fran then turns over 5 ♠ 6♠ for 6 high and a missed straight flush draw, and David turns over his hand to show his pair of sevens is good.

After the hand, David said:

"When he bets pot on the river its polarising, because if he bets a lower amount I probably fold, and the pot bet is the nuts or air."

So, David made a great call early in the day.

How do you think he played it? Would you have played it any differently?

Let us know by replying to the thread or give your opinion on Twitter at  @UnibetPoker.

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The first two levels of day 1A have seen some interesting hands both from players who would have been recognised when they sat at the table and those looking to make a reputation for themselves at this tournament. 

One of those recognisable faces, Unibet ambassador Dara O'Kearney won a nice hand on his big blind during level 2 when he peeled A5♥️. Finding himself on a table with a number of loose players with one opening in min-position for 450 and another called, so did Dara. When the board came out AAQ with two ♦️ on the board he checked before there was a bet of 1200 which he and the 3rd player both called.

A 6♥️ came out on the turn  to reduce the chance of the flush Dara again checking before a bet of 2700 and just Dara calling this time.  The river came out 5♦️ giving Dara a full house and reason to go all in after checking and getting a bet of 5000 from the loose opponent causing them to fold and Dara to win the hand.

Do you like how Dara allowed the loose player to build the pot by  allowing them to be the aggressor? Let us know on Twitter: @UnibetPoker

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That was indeed verry well played by david :D But I know he is capable of doing stuff like that :D

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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David Lappin bluffs to win large pot

Continuing his good start to day 1A for Unibet Ambassador David Lappin took his stack up considerably on the quest for day 2. During level 4 with blinds at 200/400 and an ante of 25 Lappin was on the button when an opponent in mid position raises to 2,000. David calls with his A9♥ with both of the blinds calling as well.

The flop comes out: 578

With the action checked round to Lappin he bets 2,000 getting a call from the original raiser pre with both blinds folding.

On the turn the A♣ comes out to make the board: 5♦7♠8♥A♣

David and the other player left in the pot both check taking us to see a J♥ come out on the river and to complete the board as: 5♦7♠8♥A♣J

The player in mid-position bets 3,500 causing David to as he put "turn my hand into a bluff" and he raises to 11,000 causing the opposition player to fold and win the hand.

How do you think David played the hand? Would you have played it differently?

Let us know by replying to this post or on Twitter: @UnibetPoker

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Guys, could you please not force your text to be black? Some of us use teh dark forum skin and it means trying to read black text on dark grey.


Updates are great though :)

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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eSports hero call gone wrong?

Some of Unibet's eSports personnel have played the main event today here in Copenhagen and are all still holding chips.

One of those players is Sophia White, known the to Twitch streaming community as 'Djari', who got into a pot blind on blind. The hand was checked to the river, with Djari facing a 2100 bet in the big blind into a pot of around 4000 chips.


The board ran: Q 63 A Q

After a little bit of tanking, Sophia eventuall called and showed K JThe player in the small blind then showed his Q 5 for trip queens.

Unlucky Sophia, great heart though! Sometimes they just have it!

What do you think? Would you have played it any differently? Do let us know.



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Small stack Swede to fight another day

As the blinds are going up some players are beginning to feel the squeeze as they begin to drop below ten big blinds and are starting to think about when to shove.

With the blinds at 400/800 and an ante of 100 Bjorn Samuellson found himself with about 7 big blinds left with his stack of 5,950. Looking down at his hand he saw 55, he instantly decided to go all in only getting the one call from Dane Jonas Pruser who turned over A9.

The board came out: QKJQ♦Q♠

This Gave Bjorn a full house and a slightly bigger stack to work back from and build towards the aim of making day 2.

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Update at the dinner break34720684492_4c972e5fae_o.thumb.jpg.62f1b2a633276edd9cd52dc84376638d.jpg

At the end of the break of day 1A in the main event we are left with 113 players from the 168 that we started the day with and it will be from this number that go through to day 2 as entries for today have closed. 

The average stack when players return and take their seats will be 44,600 and will be playing the blind level 500/1,000 with a 100 ante. 

With it all still to play for make sure to keep up with the rest of the action by following this thread, the official Twitter @UnibetPoker and the Twitch unibetpoker

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Unibet Open London winner gets a lucky escape!

Gerret Van Lancker who won the Unibet Bet Open London in Decemeber has just doubled up to around 90,000 after a what looked like a great flop for his hand turned into turmoil.

Van Lancker had pocket Kings, and the big blind had defended with T4 suited. A rainbow flop of 10 4 2 was all that was needed for the money to go in.

The Belgian, sighed and saw that he was a turn and river away from busting and taking away the dream of being a back to back Unibet Open Champion.

However, the run-good from London must've still been present, because the turn and river presented two 9's to give Gerret a better two-pair.

This time, a sigh of relief came from the Belgian, as he lived to figh another day. He now has a very workable stack at his disposable. 

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55 no longer the hand of Denmark?

34720734792_c2aaf435d4_o.thumb.jpg.b02605b7f52f2e825a1eeed69229f628.jpgWhilst checking on the progress of Unibet Ambassador Daiva Byrne (currently sitting on around 30,000) she folded to the all in of Dane Jacob Jensen who got one caller Ardai Thomas of Romania. 

In what is becoming a common theme for the Danish Jacob turned over 55up against the QQ of Ardai Thomas. 

Sadly for Jensen the board came out with nothing that could save his tournament life as his small stack was added to Thomas' growing lead over the rest of the table.

Would you have gone all in with a pair of fives in an attempt to save your tournament life? Let us know below or tweet us @UnibetPoker.

Remember you can watch all the action from the feature table on Twitch unibetpoker

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Another eSports star hits the rail

Scott McMillan, who goes by the name 'Sco' on Twitch, is the next of the Unibet eSports players to bust the main event.

After a topsy turvy day, the online streamer was down to 2,900 but managed to swing it back up to aroun 25k, before busting with 33 into 55.

Alan 'Hotted' Widmann is the last remaining eSports player. He has a stack of around 50,000.


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Table 3 the merry go round

In the buildup to the final break of the day the chips were certainly being shared on table 3 as players were trying to build their stack as they inch closer to day 2. 

The spreading of the chips began when Haile Semere shoved all in with 24,500 getting one caller from the button Timmerman Preben. Semere turned over AK♣ vs QJ in the hands of Preben. 

The board came out: 567974

Giving Semere a flush and winning him a stack that he will find easier to work with especially if he is able to build it further before day 2.

The pre-break swing of chips on table 3 ended with Preben on the comeback from losing a few hands going up against Mikael Gorenius who bet 35,000 into an already deep pot to find after being called his straight was no good against Preben's full house. The win took Preben into the relatively comfortable position of 155,000 chips.

What do you think about these hands? 

Let us know below or tweet us @UnibetPoker.

Remember you can watch all the action from the feature table on Twitch unibetpoker.

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All I want to say is great streaming from Unibet, great commentary from David and Mark and also from Iany and Thijs. Baltic blonde and Lappin are out. Dara bagged up for Day 2. Not sure about Espen. Iany, NMPfan and a few others will be playing Day 1B today so good luck to them and all the others who are playing today. 

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Espen got KK cursed last night around 21 cet. Went all in pre against JJ and J comes on the flop. 72k pot

Going for a quick walk with @ReCorpH in this lovely weather before heading out to the casino :)

Former community moderator
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