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Any BOTany experts?


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Hi all,


I'm pretty salty having just played really well, before playing terribly and losing. So know that you all know that I'm tilted, here we go..

There are some players who have weird names like jjjjvrvrs or whatever. I've just been beaten by one who was betting weirdly consistently. Is it possible that they are bots or that I'm just sulking because I lost?

Definately bots. Thanks, no need to answer. xxx

Joking, please answer :))

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Some people just play really consistent following all the rules out of the books.

Unibet is close to being the leader in actively trying to get cheaters of their site. So I think it's pretty hard to make a bot (at least a software bot), that plays poker for you oon Unibet.

Altough everything is possible

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