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Nothing ....like Slot of the week--Easter version?.....or something else.....from the Easter Bunny ?


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1.nop....i got in in the last minute....i still have a problem with the "time".....: my time is one hour ahead "yours"....and i always confuse the hour when the tornaments begins......but i had the worse cards EVER!!!...: Smile:  (  i'm sure you never heard that before 🤣   )

2. i really like "slot of the week"...because you can "talk" with other people...and see how they are doing (usully bether then you ))...at the same game...

3.i like "slots" better then poker.....( i think is because of the colours and music ) ...🤣



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@evia33, I got bad cards too. 😃

It's still only wednesday so things might still happen! And make sure you log in on saturday, there might be some freerspins on a Easter game if we are lucky.
I missed out on the Leprechaun freespins, won't let that happen again. :teardrop:


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