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From Nothing To Something(blog)


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Hey guys(Sorry for my english im still learning)

My name its George and im from Romania.Ive been playing poker for 7 years on pokerstars playing around 70.000 sngs and spin and gos making around 65.000$ in my carier.Latetly kinda had a bad downswing at medium stakes and decided to take a break from pokerstars.

On all sites i started playing i started from nothing so this its what i will try now 

Ill be start playing 1e5people sng with an agresive bankrool (11.80e)

Im kinda sure i will go up verry quick ( ill be playing 1tabling until i get up to 50e)

I will record my sesions aswell so this way i can post here some hands that i think are interesting 

Ill try to update the blog daily

My frist goal its for the next 7 days

I wanna reach from 11.80e to 50e playing 1e and placing 1e at sportingbetting

I will post every livebet ill be doing


Best of luck to everyone



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Hey guys !

I did finish my frist sesion on today ( did no t play to many games because had some internet trouble) but i did up the bankrool a little )

17.33E Bankrool atm 

Made 3 videos for u guys ( i wait ur guys opinions im sure i made  a few mistakes internet was kinda bad) 




Let me know at what minute (where u guys have a different or better play)

I decide to record only in the last 3 because here its the most important part of the SNG



Ty sir ill be at the 10e limit in like one month 

I saw ur blog looks like a solid oneScreenshot_2.png.caa719692d412581b91aee3d4f76fb42.png

Beast of luck on everything u do 




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Hey guys today i wanna share with u a decent tiket, nishi its the hardest match on the tiket ( i recomand to no t put that match but the rest should be pretty much easy )(berdy, woz,dolgo,berlocq,herbert,kuku and donald to win atleast a set )


Ty Ty sir psrquack

Best of luck to u2 ( i saw ur blog looks interesting il be follow u)


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Hey GotWhatItTakes

In that tiket i won something around 13E 

Il go up to 2 tabling when i reach 50E( 2 tabling until i reach 100e)

At 100e Roll ill be 1tabling at 2e  (1tabling until i reach 140E)

At 140e Roll il be 2 tabling at 2e (2 tabling until i reach 250e)

At 250e Roll il be 1 tabling at 4e (1 tabling until i reach 350e)

At 350e Roll il be 2 tabling  at 4e(2 tabling until i reach 600e)

At 600e Roll il be 2-5 tabling at 4e(2-5 tabling until i reach 1000e)( here its the biggest step )

At 100e Roll il be 2 tabling at 4e-10e(one 4e and one 10e same time)

Frist to reach this ones than ill see the next ( i know hope to do all this in one month and half) but i guess we will see 

Sorry for my english  guys im still learning ( hope i did answer to ur question right )

Best of luck 

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Thanks for your answer! That sounds like a solid plan! 😃

Do you consider 1tabling because of focussing?

I think you can beat the lowest stakes easily even when you are playing 5 or even more tables. You would have a higher hourly, too. But of course it is up to you!

GL and keep crushing

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Hey GotWhatItTakes

I do this for fun atm ( like a break from pokerstars )(atm i can t deposit on unibet because they don t accept deposits with skrill anymore)

Ye at the lowest stakes usual u should play ur A game and how many tables u can handle without missing spots u can def print money this way ( but atm the bankrool aint that great for the moment so to make sure i don t fail il do it slower) (with more tables u add the variance also gets bigger and here we don t have an hud and u got to know some population stats like what do av reg av fish)

The ICm its a little differnt a little because the structure ( atm im constructing some strategy ranges and stuf)

I have a few notepads where i note there player i play againts and put notes ( i can control F search them ) ( ye people can change their username quite easy but stil any info helps )

I agree with u but i did add some points( if i reach soon the 70e mark ill be adding for sure more tables ) 

Ty for ur questions( hope i did explain well in this period im trying to learn some english aswell )

Best of luck on everything u do 

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If it is for fun, onetabling is perfect, I guess.

Also you get way more reads and understand the population´s tendencies by playing less tables.

In March, I plan to play a bunch of 5handed SNGs myself, I think there will be a promotion for SNGs, too. 

I think your english is excellent, you are from Romania, right? Besides, by doing this blog your english will improve a lot! :)

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Hey guys

Today and yestarday kinda had internet problems hope from next day to work the right way  

Did open aswell a blog in the sportingbet section so i would upload alot of sports stuff here ( if u guys wanna check it out )



Yes im from romania , wil take  some time to learn english the right way but i got to try 

Ye hope to be some good promotions for sngs ( stars did no t did in like 1 year a promotion for sngs that killed the sngs)

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