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Your Best Football Memory?


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My best memory in football is from May 26th 1999.
I was 8 years old, on vacation in Spain with my family.
Me, my brother and my father (all Man Utd fans) walked around in the city of Mallorca to find a pub
that showed the CL-final between Manchester United - Bayern Münich.
For some reason we couldn't find a pub with United supporters, so we ended up in a pub with only
Bayern Münich fans. I remember the great silence that appeared when Solskjaer scored 2-1 for United in 
the 93rd minute or so. Silence, except for me and my brother that was jumping and cheering, which made 
my father a little bit nervous lol. The B Münich fans was of course very dissapointed but really friendly and good sports,
remember a lot of them congratulated us and shook our hands. This was 18 years ago but I remember it like it
was yesterday.

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The Champions league final between Milan-Liverpool 2005, it was a sick game. I remember in half time when my boss called me and asked if i could work for him tomorrow because he gonna celebrate the Milan victory, iam a Liverpool fan. I took his day, but on the meeting the day after i came in my Liverpool outfit and posted some Liverpool posters on his locker and in the meeting room :D

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In 2006 when Middlesbrough eliminated Steaua Bucharest from UEFA Cup semifinals. Steaua had won the first match with the score of 1-0 and had taked the lead at Middlesbrogh with 2-0, was 3-0 general and after that Middlesbrough gaved to Steaua 4 goals and Middlesbrough was qualified in final with a general score of 4-3, but in final lost with Sevilla 4-0. It was a nightmare match for Steaua.

Success is the ability to go from one failure to the next without any loss of enthusiasm.
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