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Poker Client Cant connect to the Servers!


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If you're not able to play poker, you won't be able to take part in the promotion.

What's the issue? Please add some more info about the issue you're experiencing as well as an image of the system tab from dxdiag (1. hold down the windows key and press "r" 2. type dxdiag.exe).

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Am I the only one that can't log in on UNIBET poker?
Yesterday everything was fine but today I can't acces the acount.


When I try to acces the unibet site https://www.unibet.ro/poker and I click to download the client again, it says:
This site can’t be reached

mcdnf.relaxg.com refused to connect.
Search Google for mcdnf relaxing chew clients unibet win Unibet Poker

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For poker client: "Could not read couldn't read config file from the server"
For poker browser:  "d1k6j4zyghhevb.cloudfront.net refused to connect."
From android: "mcdnf.relaxg.com refused to connect"
Answer from livesuport RO: "We will investigate"
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I can't play either... I tried from v2.1.0 , web version... I also have problems with the casino games... I tried disabling my antivirus and firewall-> still the same problem... I regret restarting my PC as before that my downloaded version worked and I played the 250 euro Jackpot tournament and I had like 15 k chips... now I can't play anymore :(


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