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  I used skrill, but they blocked my account, i upload my idcard picture but they told me its not mine and block my account. I never got back my money. Only 20 euros but still it was my money.


Now I use Neteller and I am very happy with it. I use it almost 3 years. There is reward point system and a lot of promotions! I like it ☺

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both skrill and netteler are from the same company .they are great for poker for only one reason : moving money very fast between the sites since most of them are accepting cash outs in minutes.

you also may order their debit card that makes you use your money as they have been arrived into your account from cash outs.

i dont find them different between those 2 ( skrill and netteler ) but if you may compare with paypal there is a hge difference since a lot of poker sites dont accept this e wallet.

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I have used and are using Skrill for many years now, actually have a No Limit account there.

They can be used many places online they also have a lot of diffrent deposit methods include Bitcoins.

Have only had 1 problem and that they fixed asap with a phone call.

Just remember to verify your account correctly, only ID who is realy approved is a Passport.


Before I used Paypal...long time ago...they sendt me treatning mails because my account had suspisiuss high activety, about 10 transaction on 1 special day, withdraw my monney from them and have never looked back.

Did have a have a high activety on Skrill to in same period, they sendt me a mail and asked me if I wanted a Debit Mastercard connected to my Skrill account lol.


But now I rarly use them...exept in some "rare" cases...dont ask...nothing like crime or alike but some issues with SE Asia sometimes , sensured internet and so on...


Also they are fast....but I see they starting to uppgrade their fee`s now...but still not a big deal...evryone have some fee....

The best is of course to just use a Visa Debet card connected to your Bank in whatever country you live inn.



Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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