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I fixed the Unibet V2 Client black screen issue


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 I remember having this black screen issue on OBS monitor capture. Turns out it can be solved the same way with the new client. There are several tuts on youtube on how to fix it for specific gpu's. So I'm sure it can fix it the same way for most people, so look on YT. Examples:



AMD ( I think laptops in generall) turn the Unibet app in energy saving mode, instead of high performance:



Hopefully this will help the devs, sorting this out for everyone. At least it will help a couple players.

I also don't mind a bonus as a bugfixer tho. :Cool:

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 Man can you please help me with this black screen problem since you fixed it? 

I have been trying to fix it, i spoke with the unibet chat several times but noone can help me :/

I tried what you proposed above but still i get the black screen... i use Nvidia gtx 650 ti boost and Windows 7 ! 

I would really really appreciate your help! 

Thanx in advance

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 i reinstaled windows because i cannot logging...it appeared something like this https://gyazo.com/fa9aeb361aaf774f0d7066f3a2280590, and after reinstal it was like this https://gyazo.com/c0a8cdfbdfdb9015193260ab941af28b, and i make a change in nvidia https://gyazo.com/1912bbc4119e510a5e7ef79341d8b8a3 

i have nvidia geforce 9500, i hope i helped

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@IamBadAtThis wrote:

@Run4Cover Thank you for your answer. What windows do you use? I have tried the settings you proposed on my nvidia too, but still get the same black screen. I havent reinstalled Windows though! I currently have windows 7. Is there no other way, only reinstalling windows?

Before you spend more time trying to solve the issue yourself, I'd recommend to wait for the new version of the client - it should be posted here on the community within a couple of hours, if all goes well :)

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