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hey guys, welcome to my blog!

Im Stephan, new to this site and I want to document my journey here. Wanted to try out Unibet for a long time and now Im finally goin to do it. I played a bit on Unibet last month to try out the games and the software, but wasnt too serious about it. So I deposited 1k€ 2 days ago (5. of november) and will start at NL25, tryin to run it up as quickly as possible. The goal is to get to NL400. I have experience grinding on other sites and Im curious how well I will be able to adapt to the nature of these anon games and not havin any stats I can rely on to exploit opponents.

I will grind a few hours per day, 6 tabling. Will update my bankroll and points once per week. If I run good, I might be able to get that unibet open package for 1.25mill points within this year, its an ambitious goal, but will try my best to get there. Depends on how quickly I get to at least NL100 I guess.   

Start : Sat. 5,nov 2016

BR : 1k€

Challenge Points : 6k


good luck at the tables everyone,


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GL ....... i think in a month playing without  a hud you will be ok ... at first it was wierd beacause i 12 table on other site and when i move here  i droped to 4 tables  to pay attention 😃 .....but in time you get use to it and play 8 (is max here)

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thx guys, played a few sessions, so far. no idea how it went, I just look at the cashier once per week but feels like Im running pretty bad, but well, every poker player always feels that way, right ?  :laugh:

software is nice, once you get used to that strange angle at which you look at the tables, no idea why they built it like that.

the mini challenges are funny and keep up motivation, played a couple of SNGs to complete them, on low levels they are fun and also +EV for me I think.

its just a shame that there is more or less 0 cashgame traffic during the night and before noon. But will adjust my schedule to that very soon.


good luck at the tables everyone !


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ok, time for the first update.

I did not play nearly as much volume as I would have liked to play, mainly because my sleep schedule isnt optimal still, Im awake very early in the morning and Im getting tired in the evening, so I have to shift it to geting up later. Significant cashgame traffic starts at late noon, so Im wasting the first 8 hours, which are the most productive ones  of the day while there isnt much traffic on Unibet.  

Overall Im still not very comfortable in the games playing without stats. The fact that you do see screen names adds a very interesting component to the games imo, I have played in anon games before, where every player just had a number and no screen name, which is a bit easier to adapt to imo. The screen names but no stats scenario opens the gate for a lot of mindf**k and level games. There are also quite a lot of regulars that dont change their screen names that often and I cant really say that I have seen a reg that didnt had some huge postflop leaks. Overall I made a few bluffs that were probably unnecessary and -EV given that people dont seem to think too much about the opponents range and I didnt adapt well enough to preflop dynamics. So the games are ok but still the majority of your profits will come from the fish, not from bad regs. I would be very interested to know my EV for the last week, I feel like Ive been running very bad overall in terms of setups and suckouts. I also do think that I have a fairly objective way of looking at this since I have a lot of experience playing online.

But meh, mabye Im just pissed that I havent won much during the first week 🤣  

Im really curious how the new client will look, I hope that you can change the angle at which you look at the table and that you can change the design of the cards, I think they are not that good, I had quite a few missclicks when I thought I had AA but then realized I had A4o  😃

Goal for next week is to play a lot more volume, I probably played below 15 hours this week which is just a huge fail on my part. My results were also not good, Im up 100€ for the week, which wasnt what I was hoping for, but I hope this will improve when I increase my volume and get more familiar with the dynamics. On the bright side of things, I managed to get 56k points, which is decent, so the UnibetOpen package is still in reach if everything goes as planned.

BR : 1.1k€

Challenge Points : 62k

good luck at the tables everyone !

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