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HexaPro promotion idea: new leaderboard for all players

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous
  • Fair chance for all players -> going for sequences.
  • Grinders should still have a higher chance -> allowing players to complete the sequences 3 or 5 times to improve the scores.
  • Reset button, to allow players to restart one sequence if they got lucky within the first games (hitting a high multiplier)

Mechanics in more detail:

  1. Sequences of 7 or 10 games. Having a reset-functionality I opt for 10 games.
  2. Players can complete up to 5 sequences. Best score counts.
  3. Players will collect points based on the multiplier they are dealt into: Smaller multiplier = more points1.5x = 20 points, 5x = 10 points,… (table needs to be built)
  4. Players can reset a sequence at any point.
  5. Leaderboard based on lowest score. Players with lowest score will rank at first place.
  6. SKILL FACTOR – YES, OR NO? Winning the HexaPro = points multiplied with 1,1-1,2 (little influence).
  7. Advantage of not having lots of players with the same scores
  8. Points:

    2x multiplier

    1st place

    2nd place

    3rd place

    1 point

    2 points

    2 points

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