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Fest champ ticket


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Oh wow

I have plenty of tickets and keep an eye on them and play them if they are gonna run out of time, i didn't know the games had a limited time on them and don`t  know where to look on here to find that information. It seems strange that i win a ticket with 7 days left on it with no more games left to play, last time i looked at it if had 10 days on it with lots of games to play, if i knew the games was about to stop then i could have flipped it.

I feel like i have lost out because i don`t know how this system works. Can anyone at unibet please give me something for this ticket that will time out in 7 days? pretty please.





Ps  thanks for the info @Purps



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I have a €100 festive ticket that is still valid for 5 days. I wanted to use this ticket one of these days, now to my surprise I see that there is no longer a €100 tournament. Why do you say that ticket is still valid for so long? I spoke to a Unibet employee and she referred me to this forum to ask if my ticket could be converted. Can someone help me with this? thank you in advance

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