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Bingo voucher problem


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Hi ,

I still have the remainder of a voucher 5 cent , but i dont have the option to spend this .

The problem is its active for 28 days , but i have 3 more vouchers total 8 euro , but these are active for less then week and i cannot use them before the 5 cent one goes.

Its weird i thought i got the option to spend at end of day 2 days ago , but wanted to stop for the day .

Yesterday i played bingo but never was the voucher used .

I dont know playthrough conditions but i played for over 35 euro bingo yesterday , got golden scratch card etc , but never the option to spend the 5 cent remaining bingo voucher .

I got now pretty much no money left on my account , so not being able to use my vouchers is  problematic .

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