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Thunderstruck Stormchasers bonus game kicked me out and autoplay kept playing my money


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I played a few rounds of the game "Thunderstruck Stormchasers" by Stormcraft Studios.
I got to the bonus game where you get three hammers (im not sure what its called) relatively quicky and the multipliers(im unsure what this one landed on), freespins(10x) and scatters(4x) all landed and did what it was supposed to. When the game started loading it got to about 80% and it kicked me off the game with the error message:

(Attatchment 1) "Close Required - Your game session has been terminated so this page must be closed. Of you wish to continue plating this game, please re-open it from the lobby."


I did as the game asked, i closed the browser and reopened it. the game then proceeded to give me the following error message :

(attatchment 2) "Error - A general error has occurred. Please contact support." 


The bonus game seemed lost so i tried opening it several times. This didnt help as the same error message kept showing. 
I then figured i could try to open it on my phone. 

Here i got into the game, and i set my settings like autoplay and bet-size, in hopes that it would reopen the bonus game but it didnt. It gave me a new error:
(Attachment 3 - in norwegian) "Feil 15206 - Det har oppstått en generell feil." (directly translates to : Error 15206 - a general error has occured)


But the autoplay function kept rolling in the background and the errormessage wasnt possible to remove so the remaining money on my account was lost. (not a lot of money but still.)


The games ID in Unibet's history function is attached as attachment 4. Since the game kept rolling i am unsure exactly which one of these was the one that triggered the bonusgame.These was the last three before the first errormessage (according to the timestamps).


I would like this resolved... 


Attachment 1 - Unable to reopen.PNG

Attatchment 2 - Error.PNG

Attatchment 3 - Phone error.jpg

Attatchment 4 - bonusgame canceled ID.PNG

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