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King of Flips - Your best prize?


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Would be nice to hear how your “dethroning of the King” have gone thus far! (Or alternatively I’m just bored, so starting new topics at a whim 😉 … just kidding guys 🙂. Or am I; maybe I’m bluffing 😎😛.)

I have only played the bronze level, and my best win is 200 bonus points (five consecutive flips won).


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I'm doing my usual and collecting 3 tickets per day (bronze level, missed one day due to life) and the weekly one for logging in. I'll play them all through on the last day of the promo and retire with all my winnings cry in a corner at all the bad beats. My intention is to flip till I win, collect the prize and then start again, flipping until I win the next level prize, start again and continue till I win the top prize go mental at the unfairness of it all. 

giphy.gif.b3fe88e104a8afe2253a7f510a7b1c61.gif Practising my flipping skills. 😂

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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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