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mtt tickets as Tdollars ?


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Hey ub team,

was wondering if there is a way that satties for mtt tickets become Tdollars or Tmonies as is the case for some other sites?

or maybe allow tickets to be exchanged as it is the case for UO tickets?

This would allow people to choose how they use tickst, like 5x50eur ticket for a 250eur entry into supermoon or so

Not sure if this has been discussed before..

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Tickets are generated for a reason. Allowing players to then convert them to something other than their intended use defeats that purpose.

Using your Supermoon example, if we allowed players to use multiple €50 Supermoon tickets to buy into the €250 Supermoon, €50->€250 Supermoon qualifiers would run less often because the tickets we're generating to ensure those run are not being used where we expect them to be.

Poker Janitor

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