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butler league query


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Hey wonder if someone can take a look at my results for butler league yesterday,

I finished 2nd in one of the tournaments, and had a 30th and I think a 50th somewhere else,

The table here says https://www.unibet.com/promotions/poker-promotions/twitch#tab:tabview-7-589770-tab-2 you get 35 points for a second, with more than 65 runners, but I didn't make the leadertable on the twitch page today. But second place only scored a total of 32 points, and last place 18 points, so I think I should have appeared on the table somewhere?

I left a message with support, but thought it might be worth posting here to have someone from the poker side look at it for me,


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@SkilfulPoker wrote:

Cheers NMPFan, yeah don't appear to be in this list either

Apologies, will look into this ASAP in the morning - it looks like there was a wider error with the league results and some players could still be missing. Will report back in this and the main Butler League thread once I've got to the bottom of it.


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