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10 ponds hexapro ticket on email but a 1 pound ticket on the app


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Welcome to the community, @Aostrolopiteco! Apologies for customer support forcing you on here; that obviously shouldn't happen.


I had a quick look and can't seem to find the email in question. Can you share the content of the email here? Also, when did you receive this email?

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It was on 25.02.2021


Hi jose,


We’ve loaded a free €10 HexaPro ticket into your account!


You may want to use it during Happy Hours, starting 16:00 and 20:00 CET. That’s when eight 100x multipliers are guaranteed to fall every day.


There’s also a countdown in the lobby. It shows the buy-in level where the next Jackpot must hit before the timer resets.


Have fun out there, it’s on us.

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On 4/11/2021 at 3:11 PM, Stubbe-Unibet said:

This offer has expired a good while ago. As CS sent you here - and for that reason alone - I've credited you a new €10 HexaPro ticket 🙂

Must have been a bug in the system as I got the same email 25th february and never got that ticket? Never contacted CS thoughScreenshot_2021-04-24-21-45-47-084_com.microsoft.office.outlook.thumb.jpg.9f1ee69bb2bceeff69bc2feea708e4e2.jpg

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