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There is a new sheriff in town :Smile:


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Hello Unibet Players!

My name is Kevin and I am joining Unibet for the first time. My former room mate used to play a lot on this site and since its a small site we decided I stay clear of playing on here. I was staking him for the most part too which wouldve made it even more unethical. From watching him play I am not completly unfamiliar with the site.

Due to new german regulations he decided to quit Online Poker for good therefore I got no reason to stay away from this great site any longer :) I play basically all sites available, Stars, Party, 888, US Sites, Apps, GG, whatever else is out there these days. I am a big fan of this community aspect Unibet got going here and I thought I contribute.

German regulations making it hard these days having a 4 table cap in place. I cant really get much money on the site (1k limit) so I thought I make it a small challenge instead. I am about to leave the country soon but bc of Covid I postponed it. Probably for another 3-4 months but who knows.

The challenge is simple: 5k Profit and all games can be played. There will be some MTT days wihtin this timeframe but I mostly play Cash. Usually I play PLO50 to 200 depends on tables and sites. Since I can only deposit 1k€ I guess I have to start at 50 and see how it goes. Maybe even add some 25 but I dont think so. Would mess up my hourly playing higher on other sites to much so I prob just play Tournaments instead. I heard Unibet puts a new Rakeback system in place soon. Looking forward to this, I got no idea what this challenge thing is supposed to be and how to use it properly for my benefit. When I saw I get some sort of 10€ Cash Game ticket as a PLO50+ Reg on a 4 table cap just seems stupid to me.

Once I get to Malta or some place else and my account restrictions are lifted I will be putting up much nicer challenges. A lot more exciting I am sure.

My road to 5k Profit til end of June (on a 4 table cap and deposit limit).

BR: 1.000,00€

See you at the tables. Stay healthy!

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It's fair to say the first month wont go well. Lost already lots of Buy Ins and like I said I have no intention of moving down in Stakes. That leaves me with MTTs for now. Gonna play MTTs on Saturday and Sunday (if the Bankroll lasts til Sunday ;D )  Maybe play a few on the side to my normal Grind Routine.

The Games were still pretty good but of course its more than a huge Gamble playing Midstakes PLO w just a few Stacks, thank you very much Legislators .... Anyway gonna see how far I can take it with the MTTs and if that doesnt work out I get my next 1k Shot in April ;)

BR: 250€ (+Bonus Points and several Tickets, but not sure what the Value of those are til I used them all, maybe  around 20€)

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New Update:

Put the last 200 in MTTs yday and had 3 deep runs. 3rd in the 25€ Deep sth it was called. Lost the keyflip in the end w QQ vs AK when 3rd guy was rather short. Bit  ul but even w ICM impilications QQ is unfoldable. Nevertheless I cashed 400 sth and also had several Bounties in the 25 PKO Major, the Ice Bounty one.

In the end I was very good CL in the Sputnik Omaha. Looks like they offered two of those. I was wondering if this was a bug or if it is normal. Certainly prefer if they offer more PLO MTTs. Then again while in Germany I cant play more than 4 Tables anyway. But would be nice for the future.

The fun part was while Multitabling I clicked on the Selfexclusion Button by mistake of course. I was unable to finish the PLO Finaltable 1/6. 4 paid. I am sure I made the money bc my balance is like I finished in 3rd place maybe even 2nd.

Still it was a horrible experience. I couldnt log into the forum and not back into the client. I mean I get the feature to not spend more. But finish already paid for Tournaments??? WTF! Thank god it was just a small one and only that one table left.

Overall I really like the site just as expected. The games are good, even the Tournament Shedule is decent for a small site like this one. Decided to only play NL HE Cash Games (NL50) for the time being. PLO is to swingy I wont get back into it before I hit 3 to 4k.


bankroll: 641€

Results: -300€

And a small Screenshot I took while going deep, to make this Thread a little more colorful. See you at my next Final Table ;) During Scoop I probably play almost everyday @ Unibet as well (except if I go broke) to reach a decent enough table count.


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Long time no post. I havent played too much Unibet. Few CG hands spinned the bankroll back up to 4-500 couple of times and then fired mtts 25 reentry ones and stuff mostly on Sundays. The 04.04. Sunday I ran semi deep in this 25€ Titan. 11th Place I think it was. 1.8k first wouldve finally been the right bankroll to play halfway decent cash game stakes. I was depositing a few hundred again but tbh its really not worth my time at this point. There is SCOOP running ofc (had two Day 2s but bricked both), Powerfest, GG has a lot to offer always so I guess I will come back with a big challenge once I get to Malta. Which will probably be in June. Hopefully I get account switched to Malta in July but who knows. Still high Covid Numbers in Germany at least, but I leave my place end of May thats for sure. 

For the time being I will add a few MTTs mostly on Sundays. I like the Shedule on Unibet. Good size. Not huge but not to small either. Stakes are decent to, a 25r/a is like a 80-100$ Torunament basically. And I see they have 50s and 100s too. Gonna be in all of those from July on forward. Probably gonna think of nice MTT Challenge for the rest of the year.

As far as Cash Game goes I am not sure yet. Sample still small and also there is no tracking of HHs. I dont mind that there is no HUD but playing PLO I hate to have no assurance of how my EV line looks like in the long run. Also there is soo much 3 and 4 handed play at least when adding other sites too itsa bit tilting tbh. The state of the games however is very good as expected. Lots of action I am sure I could adjust to it well over time. What I dont like is the Rakeback System currently in place. They postponed the switch it looks like and also germans do not have any promotions either. Then again this is all gonna change during summer and I will definitely be around to check out the Cash Games again. What I can say for sure is that I will play Unibet on my MTT days meaning every Sunday and maybe 1 sometimes 2 more days during the week.

About the stats I kind of lost track a bit. Should be down like 1.2-1.4k at the moment. Not great but considering stakes played its like 15 Stacks tops + the Tournaments. I won a few of the very small ones they have late a night. At the end of my sessions this is a greast option to play. 10€ 30 runners tubro 100€ first nice deep structure. Prob ROI close to 100% so why not ;)

I am almost a 100% I am going to make a MTT Challenge in Malta probably even putting up some small bets to make it more interesting. Sth like must reach 100 Final Tables this month, 30 Top 3 places or something in that area. Which of course only works once the 4 table cap is gone. 

Maybe some of you have some suggestions for me what could be a fun challenge in that regard ?

GL everyone - see you Sunday!

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