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The greatest last game ever?


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Watching the last game of a favorite sports star can be an emotional affair, and more so for the player himself. To be right at the end of your career in a sport that you love and that's probably taken up most of your life...Well it can be truly gut wrenching and hard for the player:

 To me it's a beautiful thing as the passion and love for the game is on full display, even hard nosed Zidane ended with tears in the middle of the Bernabeau:


At the end of the last NBA season I got to see the last game of an idol of mine since I was a kid, Kobe Bryant - a moment I hadn't been looking forward to, even though I had known for 5 years that it was coming(Kobe's pro career ultimately went for 20 years). Kobe's last season was a hard one, often hurt and a lot of wear and tear had taken its toll on him - but this night that didn't matter. Kobe scored 60 points - the most of any NBA player all of last season - and let the Lakers in a come from behind win in the last minute of the game.

To me, it's one of the most memorable moments ever as a sports fan. The passion in his eyes even though totally exhausted, the determination, Jack on the sideline and the whole building going nuts - all of it is proof of a true all time great. I can watch the last 3 minutes of the game over and over, my favorite part being the hug to his young teammates even though he could barely stand:

Even though it wasn't for a championship, or even a playoff game, was this the greatest last game ever by a sports star? What do you think?

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