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VIP double trouble discontinued


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The VIP double trouble has been discontinued, effective from today - regular and super DT will still continue for a while.

We're replacing the tournament with targeted missions, which will be credited every Monday. The criteria will be somewhat similar to the VIP DT ones - they're meant to help you, when you're running bad/has lost a considerable amount) - and the value we give out every week has been increased.

Despite the VIP double trouble having a prizepool of more than €7000 and just 30 players invited every week, less than half the invited players actually played the tournament. We're now giving out 100 missions a week, you don't have to be available at a specific time to play a tournament, the mission will be on your preferred game type, and your reward amount won't depend on your performance in an MTT.

The first missions have just been credited half an hour ago :)

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