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I was betting for fun and this  "unibet" just take my money by cheating . It was a tenis game and i bet 1.5  for a game in tennis . it was in the set 4-4 and 0-30 and the odds 15 to 1 .so i place my bet but then they didn't accept my bet because the score change 15-30 and odds became 11to 1 so i said ok I place my bet.and they show me i will get 16.5 .when the score became 30 -40 my bet wasn't show any more , but then the score became 40-40 show it show again and was going so for a few times and i got lucky and the girl i bet on si get the game .sudenly they change my bet from that geam like i bet on set.the whorst thing nobody want to help and fix the problem.i sent  to the site my problem and they do not want to fix the problem . 

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