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Re-play screen stops working +other issues


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Here are a few things that annoyes me more than usually and it's not only ones or twice these things happen. I don't know if the reason is in me but probably it'll be if I ever get an answer.


At least 5-6 times in amonth now the replay screen has stopped working. Either it doesn't pop up when you push the play button or if you leave it open to avoid that happening, it stops showing table cards.


HexaPros and now tournaments bugges out. If you leave the lobby open and reg in to tournament which is starting later some times the table pops out normally but it stays on the "waiting the tournament to start" screen. On HexaPro the table doesn't ever even pop up. You just have to notice when it takes the buy-in from your balance. Both tables will start working tho if you shut it all off and log in again. And if you are lucky, you didn't time out pocket 10's like I did few minutes ago in a bounty tourney. 

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