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Hand History is very hard to use


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Seriously, is there anyone who finds it acceptable?

No offense but its borderline useless.

As someone who wants to improve my game. going through it, is an enormous pain.

There's no option to copy/paste and worse there's no way to sort them.

So going through the histroy is an enormous pain that is keeping me from becoming a better player.

Someone mentioned on a post a couple years ago that "embassadors were pushing for better use of HH" but nothing happened yet.

Why is this happening?

How can we push for this tool to become actually usable?

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I agree that it's a bit annoying. It might have to do with the ban on opponent tracking software (which would be an understandable reason imo) but I'm not sure.

It's possible to copy paste the text for individual hands using inspect element on the browser version at least.

Edit: Sorting by pot size for example would be a nice feature tho.

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As long as I could save it and be able to go through them with ease, I don't mind it being anonymous, like can't the developers like just change every opponent name to villain when viewing history for example? I'm sure there are solutions, or at least improvents..


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