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So, we have "reagular tournaments" and we have "Nanos" ... but there's less in between.  The €1 and €2 Singularities are great, as are the €1 and €5 Falling Star Bounties, but there's a "gap" in the main tournament series on Unibet, IMO.  The Nano series is literally the reason I am playing on Unibet (shoutout to @IanSimpson for the whole idea of Nanos), but I've moved into "no-man's land" bankroll wise now ...

I played a lot of Titan Nano games, and put in a lot of rebuys and add-ons ... and I had my share of success with 2 wins and close to 100% ROI rate (yes @DaVitsche that's working it out right 🤣).  But with €200 in my BR, the €10 Titan is way out of my BR.  I played a lot of Dwarf Star Bounty Nano games, and I had some good success, with 1 win and more than 70% ROI.  But at €25, the Dwarf Star is WAY out of my range now..  I played a ton of Dark Matter Nano games, and had good success at all the buy-in levels, with 5 wins and a truly absurd ROI.  But at €10, the Dark Matter is a super high-roller for me.  I loved the Comet Nano, and crushed it at both buy-in levels.  But at €50, the Comet is but a dream for the moment.

I'm not whining ... I'm suggesting there should be versions of the "named" tournaments between Nano and the "big games" for bankroll growth.  As I said above, I love the singularities and the falling stars, and I do well enoigh in them - I have +ROI in €1 and €2 Sings and €1 and €5 Falling Stars - but I feel like there's a lack of tournaments in the €1-€5 range, especially with structures like the Titan, Dark Matter, Comet, and Dwarf Star.

The good news is, they all have very reasonable "medium" levels.  To start, I propose "AU" as the name for the "medium" size, since 1 Astronomical Unit is the a very "medium" kind of measurement in our universe.  So the Titan AU, at €1 rebuy/add-on is super attractive to my BR.  At €2.50, the Dwarf Star AU is a lovely sized bounty event with an awesome structure.  And at €1 and €5, the Dark Matter and Comet AU's are freezeouts I can drool over.

There's not really a lack of "good tournaments" in the medium levels at Unibet, but there's a real gap between the Nano and "full" versions of the "marquee" tournaments, and I think its a gap that's easy to fill.  I'll keep playiing Singularities and Falling Stars, but I long for the day I can play a Comet AU for €5 or a Dark Matter AU for €1, or play for some Dwarf Star Bounties at €2.50.

What does everyone else thing?  Do we need medium sized versions of the Titan, the Dark Matter, or the Dwarf Star?  I think we do ...

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@elron66 I had this problem many times. That is why I have played very few regular tournaments(nano, or 1€) for many months. Recreation mainly: UO and UK satellites. Why? Because I know that at some point I will come across a wall like BR will be relatively big for Nano games and I will always end up at the casino :) 

That's why I don't even have any plans for poker anymore. Pure fun without a wide purpose. :)

I have some  idea, but im too lazy to describe it :) 

I will agree again: this hole for 1-2 € is huge. Even 5-10 € could look much better with better satellite structure(formats, quantity)

@elron66 wrote:

What does everyone else thing?  Do we need medium sized versions of the Titan, the Dark Matter, or the Dwarf Star?  I think we do ...

Hell yea!  It should only be the beginning for "remodeling" :D

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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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