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David Lappin’s Poker Thread


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It will be my aim going forward to post here at least once a week so feel free to AMA and I’ll hopefully reply quickly. 

A quick update on the latest happenings. 

The Chip Race has wrapped for another season. Season 10 is our biggest to date so that’s heartening. We will be dropping a new animated strategy video (TY Willie Elliot) tomorrow so I’ll post a link here when it’s out. 

Season 11 is likely to start sooner than originally planned because Dara and I are keen to follow up on #Dealergate and we have booked newly crowned WSOP POY Rob Campbell for what I’m guessing will be a fun interview. 

Other than that, I’m looking forward to Unibet Open Paris in two weeks time and hope to see many of you there. 


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Hey everyone!

Got back from Paris a few days ago! Thought I would miss my flight due to being in hospital but got released with a few hours to spare. On the upside I got to celebrate my live turbo bowlcomp victory with intravenous morphine. 

The festival was a huge success and for this, a huge shoutout to Kasia and her team who I know put in Trojan work. 

Next and final live stop of the year for me in EPT Prague where I will potentially play the National, Highroller and Cup. 

On the Online side, the cross-platform Hexapro launch has been smooth and is already making those games very soft and well worth a spin. Congrats to Kris Bergvall for making this happen. It’s great to see a site trying to convince punters to play poker rather than the other way around. 

Content wise, I’ll be taking a short break over Christmas but we still have one more episode of The Chip Race in the can which I am editing right now. It’s going to be a HUGE show with 4 big guests so watch that space! The plan is to drop that episode on the 16th of December. 

There will also be a YouTube Strategy video coming out on the 13th. 





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