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UOS leaderboard rewards - missing 500 points


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I am missing 500 Bonus Points from my UOS leaderboard rewards. I finished 9. 12. 35. 20. in All, High, Low and Nano and received 20000, 7500, 4000 and 3500 points, respectively.

According to the Belgian Unibet site I should have received:

total: 9 20000 €200
High: 7 - 12 7500 €75
Low: 32 - 39 4000 €40
Nano: 11 - 20 4000 €40

Strange that there is not even a 3500 point category in any leaderboard. Of course it is possible that the Belgian leaderboard is off - similar things have happened before - but then that should be corrected for future. Being in Belgium I cannot enter the internatinal site for comparison.

I advise everybody double checking their leaderboard rewards.

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"In the result of a tie for 1st place on the leaderboard, players will share the prize money for that position evenly and will each receive a dedicated tournament avatar."

Same rule applies for any ties, you tied with 21'st position in the nano and split the prizes (40+30) / 2 = 35€

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