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Why is it so hard to manage betting tournaments properly?


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Hi all,

Currently, there is a highest odds betting competition on Dota 2, available in many countries:


It says the leaderboard will be updated daily before 19h00.
Now, the competition is practically over after a full week, and the leaderboard is still completely empty.
Why does nobody @ unibet ever take care of these promotions (haven't seen one properly managed in about a year so far)?

Its so frustrating.

Kind regards,

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Hi @TDW, the frustration is totally substantiated and understandable, looking at the terms and at the lack of a leaderboard last week, it's obvious that something went wrong and the necessary information did not make it online in time, the final leaderboard is now posted but I know that doesn't do too much for you as you would have approached this competition with a different strategy, one that would require the regular updates mentioned in the terms. I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience, and I've sent your feedback to the promotion creators for bettering these processes and updates. Thank you for flagging this with us.



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Thanks for flagging it once again Ray. Hope the next competition will finally be managed properly.
For this one, i indeed noticed the final leaderboard yesterday (first leaderboard posted when the tournament is over.. erm...). Odds 7 were needed to be in the prizes, while my top pick had odds of 6.33. Hate to see it.

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