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Limited stakes


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Hi @Kurkohai, at Unibet we have general limits on all bets - just as all other bookmakers do. These limits are crucial to our business to help us manage liabilities and offer customers the best possible prices.


The general limits on the most popular sports are very high and the vast majority of customers will never reach a maximum bet stake alert. If you at some point are faced with hitting a maximum bet stake limit, you always have the option to send the full bet amount requested for manual approval.



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Thanks for the info, but could you let me bet bigger stakes. Requesting for manual approval will be 100% reject for me, because I did arbitage betting some years ago. I play poker at Unibet every day and would like to make some NHL bets too.

I quess I could withdraw some of my poker bankroll and deposit to Leovegas or PAF for my NHL-betting hobby. They have same odds. 

So could you reconsider increasing my limits slightly for NHL, please?

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