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The game was loading and lagging.. Lost my money


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Hi @balloo33, welcome to the Community :)

Sorry you had a negative experience, the mechanics of the bingo games are pretty secure and even a lag or an internet disconnection cannot affect the outcome of the result of the round you've bought tickets on. For example even if you've bought the tickets and then plugged out the laptop completely, the tickets respectively the numbers you've bought get registered and although you don't see the outcomes, they gey calculated and if there is a win it gets added to your account. But I understand where you're coming from, it's perfectly normal to want to see the round. The root of the disconnection can be caused by your internet connection or a server issue, however I haven't seen any issues reported recently.

In any case, I can provide you with the outcome of that particular round if you would like, I would just need to know the exact time of the round and the ID.



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