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Hi i tried the casino slot more than 30 times in a row. Won only three times and the combined winning was about the same as one round of the 30 plus round. With a plus 90 percent payback ratio this seems statistically impossible. Can you explain?

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Hi @Matrixtc1, welcome to the Community.
The RTP or "Payback ratio" is not set on one activity, meaning that if you as a isolated player play let's say 100 euro, it's not necessarily guaranteed to pay you back 90 euro. It would just be logical and unfair to set a game to work like that.
The provider's system is set to pay back 96% (percentages vary from slot to slot) over all of the funds being played from all of the player. Thus there is this luck factor involved in it which this industry is mostly based upon. You can have a look arounf over the impartial external companies that monitor these numbers and make sure that the outcomes are random and fair on the bottom of your homepage.



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