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Bet Builder Competition - Question


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Hi @RayL,

Question regarding the following competion:


In the intro it states:


Which translates to "You can combine any kind of bets from the same game (match results, exact score, goal scorer,...) and even combine multiple games in between for monstreous chances".

However, I'm unsure if it is allowed for the highest odds competition? Could you confirm if "unpure" bet builder bets are allowed or not? (e.g. 2 bets on the same game and then 5 more bets on other different games). Or are only 100% bet builder bets allowed (on 1 match? Or more matches e.g. 2 bets on game A and 2 bets on game B to make a fourfold?).

Please also pass the message to make those competition rules more straightforward.

Besides, there is no leaderboard update at all during the competion, so it's impossible for me to test some things by myself.... (which kind of defeats the purpose of a leaderboard at all?)

Thx :)

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@TDW, I have the feeling that this promotion will generate a few contacts regarding clarifications as well, but I've been reasured that the terms for the below promotion are correct and reflect the setup of the Bet Builder promotion:
So if you follow the steps explained it should all be ok. It needs to be a bet builder though, there's a new feature where it is now possible to combine 1 game with other ones, it's what the guys are trying to promote and raise awareness over with this promo.

The leaderboard will be published once the promotion is done, next Monday as the back office that registers the bets refreshed on weekdays or something along these lines, sorry for not being able to provide more info on that, I'm kind of foreign to that system's inner workings. 


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