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EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge


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Does any community member try to become VIP guest at the 2020 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four?

The game's dynamic will be the same as always: performance index rating will determine each player's score, with a 10% bonus if his team wins. Three trades will be allowed per week, while unlimited trading will be available in the playoffs and Final Four. Additionally, you can choose your own team captain!

The head-to-head league allows participants to play one-on-one showdowns against another participant, forming a season-long competition.

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That sounds cool. Never played a basketball fantasy game, nor do I really know much about Euroleague teams, so it's about time to explore them a little 😃

Maybe you could put up a private league and post the invitation link on this thread?

Surely we will have some interested members here 👍

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