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Cash out delay


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Dear Unibet,

I had several withraws until now,with almost instantly receiving the amounts on my bank account.

sadly, last 4 cash withdraws are still pending,and I am not sure why!

i have also submited my documents,for verification purposes.

could you please clarify?

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Hi @Vg, welcome to the Community :)

Thank you for contacting us and sorry about the inconvenience. I had a closer look at your account and there seems to be a verification pending over a "Proof of Address". The link below will explain what exactly constitutes a proof:


I can see that you've uploaded your driving license but that is not accepted as a proof in this case I'm afraid. Please let us know if there's any clarification needed.



Former Community Moderator
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Hello again,

Thanks for the quick answer.

Meanwhile, I have sent via email the required documents,as the option “Upload” in the app was already consumed with my ID card.

Hopefully,the documents are in the right place now(if you can confirme,please do so).

Looking forward to the resolution.



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